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Preserve, Honor, Educate - In 2016, Veterans’ Legacies launched our Mighty Endeavor program with the purpose of gathering veterans’ individual experiences, recordings, images, and personal histories with the intent of using their stories to educate our youth and help reconnect veterans with the community they served. Veterans’ Legacies works with volunteers and partnering organizations to connect veterans and students, to Preserve their stories, Honor their service, and Educate our youth.

How? Veterans’ Legacies features an extensive database with the robust ability to preserve the stories and experiences of every person who has served our nation. We use this database along with an approved academic curriculum to actively get these stories into classrooms, libraries, and youth programs at no cost.

Our partnership with OregonASK, (a nationally recognized after-school curriculum provider) enabled us to create a multi-discipline curriculum designed to encourage students to learn history directly from the men and women who made it. The curriculum enables students to learn to research, report, interview, video, and connect.
This website offers a downloadable curriculum to guide educators in classroom instruction and facilitation. The curriculum also provides instructions for general directions for researching, interviewing, recording, and uploading processes for the Veterans' Legacies database.
Thanks to the generous donations of foundations like the Reser Family Foundation, our latest additions to the curriculum include inclusiveness modules that help students understand the role diversity has played in our military history. The new modules focus on contributions that women and persons of African, Asian-Pacific Island, and Latin decent have made in helping to protect and preserve our freedom.
Why? Left untold, these irreplaceable experiences will fade away along with the opportunity to honor and learn firsthand from those who can best help us understand the impact of war. Sharing these stories gives veterans a powerful opportunity to connect with our youth in a meaningful way.

Our efforts to Preserve, Honor, and Educate are also intended to help our veterans reintegrate with the community they served while giving our youth a new and unique perspective on the sacrifices that have been made to ensure their freedom.
Help Us Make a Difference. We are seeking volunteers to help compile and curate the stories, engage with local schools to help connect students with the veterans in their community, and act as ambassadors to help promote the curriculum’s use in private and public schools, after-school programs and other youth programs. Visit our Volunteer website to join our team and share our passion for Preserving History, Honoring Veterans, and Educating our you.

We are also in need of financial support to help us continually improve and expand the curriculum and engage veterans and students nationwide. Visit our donation site to join our team and offer your financial support today.
To learn more about Veterans’ Legacies and the Mighty Endeavor contact the organization at
Veterans’ Legacies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to provide an online resource for students, educators and the general public. Veterans' Legacies is dedicated to the collection of veterans’ stories in order to preserve and share them for generations to come.
Terry Howell, Executive Director
Gary Mortensen, Co-Founder/President
President, Stoller Wine Group
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Gary Mortensen, President, Stoller Wine Group and Co-Founder of Veterans’ Legacies
Nick Kimball, President/CEO, Lattix, and Co-Founder Veterans Legacies
Tracy Curtis, Regional President, Wells Fargo
Barry Greenberg, Owner, Celebrity Connection (Air Force Veteran)
Steve Caldwell, Controller, Stoller Wine Group
Adrienne Roark, President/General Manager KPTV FOX12
Janice Strong, JD, Associate, Fisjer Phillips (Legal Counsel)
Rick Kam, Founder IDExperts and CyberWarriors
Ken Hick, Owner, Resources Northwest
Larry Kimball, Retired U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (Marine Corps Veteran)

Saving the History of Those Who Saved the World

The Mighty Endeavor is an initiative of Veterans’ Legacies, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to provide an online resource for students, educators and the general public. Veterans' Legacies is dedicated to the collection of veterans’ stories in order to preserve and share them for generations to come. The Mighty Endeavor is a collaborative effort to collect, preserve, and share the stories of those who served during World War II. The project will call upon individuals and groups to interview, research, and gather details of the men and women of the Greatest Generation.


It is estimated that we are losing more than 350 WWII veterans every day, and in just a few years, the oldest living veterans will have passed.

With the number of WWII veterans fast diminishing, Veterans’ Legacies has launched “The Mighty Endeavor” to collect stories of these veterans before they are all gone. In the case of our WWII history, the biographies, images and video clips are gathered from relatives or closed friends of veterans who have passed.

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Veterans’ Legacies is a place to share, explore, and learn about the men and women who have served selflessly to support our military and our American way of life. Here, we honor and celebrate their legacies and give voice to past and current generations of Americans so that future generations can learn and reflect.

I encourage you to add your story, or the story of a veteran you know. Explore this database full of rich history, stories of valor, victory, and heartbreak. Join me in honoring those who have served, continue to serve, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.